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Waco, Texas
Cabela's Waco, Texas, Outpost Store is located at Interstate 35 and Texas Loop 340 in the Central Texas Marketplace. The 42,000-square-foot store features a Core-Flex floor plan allowing products to be rotated seasonally, as well as innovative digital signage.

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Date Opened: 10/30/2013

Store Address:
2700 Market Place Dr
Waco, TX 76711

GPS Coordinates:
31.499074, -97.152162

Phone: (254) 870-4300
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Indoor Archery Range
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Store Events

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Free Seminars and Demonstrations Saturday and Sunday, Septemer 6 -7 11:00AM Throughout the Store

Get Started In Archery
11:00am in our Archery Department
Get started in archery and learn what is required to consistently hit the bull’s-eye. Our archery team will help fit you to a bow while measuring your draw length and helping find your dominant eye. Following the intro course, we’ll have targets and bows available to shoot.
Dive Into Dove Hunting
12:00pm in our Hunting Department
Come by our hunting deparment to learn about the latest dove hunting gear.
Keeping Your Edge
1:00pm at our Knife Counter
Having a sharp knife saves you time. We'll show you how to properly sharpen a knife. Whether it’s a hunting knife or one of your kitchen knives, learn the secrets on everything from a serrated to a smooth blade.


Colorphase for Dove Opener
2:00opm in our Camo Department
Stay off the radar during your next hunt with Cabela’s Colorphase Zonz camo apparel, the camo that changes color based on climate. Created with temperature activated dye, check out the warm and cold phase pattern changes right before your eyes during our demo.
NRA Weekend Saturday and Sunday, September 13-14 11:00AM Throughout the Store

Introduction to Firearms
11:00am at the Firearm Counter
Introduction to Firearms is a class designed for those that are unfamiliar with the inner workings of a firearm and how to properly handle, maintain, and store a firearm. If you are interested in purchasing a firearm for home or self-protection and have questions this is the class for you.
Know Your Rights: Concealment Laws for the State of Texas
12:00pm at the Firearm Counter
New to Texas or to handgun ownership? Join us for an in depth look at Texas law, requirements and how to earn your CHL. We’ll give you all the information and resources you need towards taking the next step.
Ladies ONLY – Handgun Class
1:00pm at the Firearm Counter
As the largest growing group of shooting sports enthusiasts, it’s time to join the fun with our introduction to handgun selection and ownership. This relaxed, informative seminar is taught by women for women and will have you leaving confident and ready for ownership.
Reloading Made Simple
2:00pm at the Firearm Counter
Save yourself time and money by reloading your own pistol and rifle ammunition. Enjoy the cost savings and peace of mind of shooting your own ammo. Join our expert hunting outfitters as they demonstrate the process and recommend the best tools and materials for the job.


Basic Personal Safety in Your Home
11:00am at the Firearm Counter
Being able to protect yourself and your family in your home should be a top priority. We will go over how to create a solid plan for safety, personal response and more in this informative class.
Set Your Sights on Cabela’s Optics
12:00pm at the Firearm Counter
Eliminate the guesswork and go for precision optics by exploring your options and finding the best scope that matches your needs. Our outfitters will breakdown scope care and proper mounting while helping you find just what you’re looking for.
Go Ballistic: Ins and Outs of Ammo
1:00pm at the Firearm Counter
Join one of our knowledgeable outfitters and better understand how your ammunition performs in the field with this in depth ballistics overview.
Handgun Selection: The Right Fit for You
2:00pm at the Firearm Counter
Learn about the various handguns and how a proper fit can make all the difference in selecting and using your handgun. Whether it is for personal protection or target shooting, we’ll show you the differences in pistols and revolvers and talk about basic gun safety in this seminar.
Free Seminars and Demonstrations Saturday and Sunday, September 20-21 11:00AM Throughout the Store

Staying Dry - Rain Gear Options
11:00am at the Front Porch
Don’t get caught in a fall thunderstorm unprepared. Come by to see a demonstration of our rain gear options.
Youth Archery 101
12:00pm in our Archery Department
Our knowledgeable archery outfitter can show you equipment, accessories and some tips for getting kids started in archery hunting. You can even test your archery skill at our indoor range.
Keeping Your Edge
1:00pm at our Knife Counter
Having a sharp knife saves you time. We'll show you how to properly sharpen a knife. Whether it’s a hunting knife or one of your kitchen knives, learn the secrets on everything from a serrated to a smooth blade.


Happy Feet, Happy Hunt - Hunting Boots and Hikers
2:00pm in our Footwear Department
Trekking around in an improperly fitted boot can make your hunting adventure miserable. Join our trained outfitters and learn more about our functional hunting boots available to keep your feet off your mind and back on your hunt.
Free Weekend Seminars and Demonstrations Saturday and Sunday, September 27-28 11:00AM Throughout the Store

Firearms Safety 101
11:00am at the Firearms Department
Want to learn more about gun safety and how to properly handle firearms? Whether youíre a first time gun owner, experienced shooter, or beginning hunter, join a Cabelaís outfitter as they discuss basic firearms safety and help you to become a responsible and safe gun owner.
Healthy Grilling
12:00pm at the Front Porch
Reel in better health and join our grilling team as they prepare healthy favorites on the barbecue. Showcasing tasty and simple fish recipes, our outfitters will cook up a healthy meal the whole family will love.
Keeping Your Edge
1:00pm at our Knife Counter
Having a sharp knife saves you time. We'll show you how to properly sharpen a knife. Whether itís a hunting knife or one of your kitchen knives, learn the secrets on everything from a serrated to a smooth blade.


Binocular Basics
2:00pm at our Optics Counter
Shopping for binoculars can be a challenging process when it comes to pricing, style and functionality. Let one of our knowledgeable outfitters help you find the right binoculars for your spring sightseeing adventures.
Cabela's Donation Guidelines      
Cabela's is proud to be a part of our community and support area charities and conservation partners. Each year, we provide donations to non-profit organizations for fundraising auctions and raffles.

To be considered, please review the following:
  • Requests must be submitted online to Sponsorships, Donations & Advertising. Written or e-mailed requests will not be accepted.
  • Requests must be submitted at least sixty (60) days prior to the event.
  • We can only fulfill one request per organization per year. Multiple requests within a calendar year will not be accepted.
  • Organizations must be a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity and be able to provide documentation.
  • Organizations must be located within 100 miles of the retail store.
  • Submitting a request does not guarantee a donation.
Thank you for your interest in Cabela's. We hope to see you in the store soon.

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