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XSG Hunting Glasses

Author: Sean Sutherland

With uniquely interchangeable lenses and glasses-to-goggles versatility, XSG Hunting Glasses offer hunter-specific performance and comfort.

The extreme weather conditions waterfowl hunters encounter demand superior glasses. The fever of waterfowl hunting forces its hard-core disciples to become indifferent to rain, snow and frigid darkness. XSG Hunting Glasses deliver the protection and performance this breed of waterfowl hunter requires.

When I initially tried on a pair of XSGs in spring 2008, I was apprehensive of the new-to-me glasses-to-goggles design. However, after using a pair through Nebraska's 2008 Early Teal season, I was pleasantly surprised by the long-term comfort and condensation resistance.
I chose to wear the XSGs as goggles. In this form, the glasses fit snugly to the face, cushioned by a gasket of closed-cell foam. I expected this snug fit to promote overheating and fogging. In fact, the opposite was true – the foam's ventilation ports allowed just enough air to circulate through the goggles.

Three snap-in polycarbonate lens sets are included with the XSGs: clear, amber and dark gray. They are all ANSI Z87.1 impact-resistant. I was especially pleased with the amber lenses for early-morning gunning on fast-moving teal. Amber's light-yellow lens tint illuminated the predawn haze, allowing for fast teal identification.
With a little practice, lenses removed easily and popped in securely. Be sure to read the instruction on lens removal, as there's a "trick" to mastering the fast procedure.

For blind and shoreline hunting on windswept lakes, rivers and fields, the XSGs in either glasses or goggle form will perform with equal comfort. Duck-boat waterfowlers will find the goggles an essential part of their wardrobe on frigid, potentially eye-watering trips across big water.

From my teal-season experiences, I highly recommend comfortable, protective XSG Hunting Glasses to any hunter braving wet, windy and cold conditions to pursue their passion.