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Magnus Bullheads at Cabela's

Magnus Bullheads

Author: Adam Bender

When you put a Bullhead on the end of your arrow, know that you are installing one of the most innovative broadheads on the market. As with some products that come out hot and quickly fade, I can assure you that the Bullhead is here to stay because of all the great features it has to offer.

Magnus Bullheads
No straws
As many turkey hunters found out with the Guillotine, it requires you to place a strip of double-sided tape on each of the blades to hold on the straw, which goes over the blade to aid in arrow flight. One drawback to this is the fact that these straws are a pain to install. The Bullhead eliminates the use of straws by designing the blades to be pitched instead of a straight "X" pattern. This allows them to fly just like normal broadheads, yet still have the tremendous cutting power of an oversized broadhead.
Large cutting diameters
The 125-grain head has a 3-3/4" cutting diameter, while the 100-grain has a 2-3/4" cutting diameter. Since I shoot 100-grain field points, I decided to stay consistent and go with the 100-grain heads.
No difference between field points
I was a little leery when I went to sight in my bow before the turkey hunt. All of my buddies were using the Guillotine and urged me to get them as well. Knowing that these heads were new to the market, I decided to try out the new Bullhead. I picked up a pack and headed to the range. After I had my pins dialed in with field points, I moved the target to ten yards because I knew that most of my shots were going to be around this range, give or take a few. I put on the Bullhead and lined it up with the vanes. I shoot a right helical, so I turned the head until I had the blades matched up with each one of my vanes. I placed a pillow in front of the target because I didn't want it to ruin the head even though Magnus says you can sight in with them. Magnus includes one free set of blades in each package. So you can take the arrow you practiced with, take off the used blades and put on the new, razor sharp ones and head to the field, at no extra cost.
I drew, found my anchor, settled in, slowly squeezed the trigger and let it fly. The pillow folded over so fast that I hardly had enough time to figure out where I had hit. But from the shape of the pillow, I could see that it was in the general vicinity of the spot I was aiming at. I had colored in a black dot about the size of a baseball and much to my amazement, the arrow had cut three perfect lines starting at the center, going out. I stood there for a second in amazement because of how dead on the head was in conjunction with my field points. With my 10-yard pin, the Bullhead was hitting exactly where I was grouping my field points. My buddies had told me that they had to set a special pin for their Guillotines. This was not the case for the Bullhead. I can honestly say that this was the feature that impressed me the most about this broadhead.
Magnus Bullheads
Devastating cutting power
The first morning in the blind we had two big Toms come in right away. Heads blazing red, full strut, you name it, they were putting on a show for us. The time had come for me to put the Bullhead into action. I waited for just the right time to release, as I wanted the Tom to stand upright and give me a clear headshot. A lot of people complain about headshots and how a turkey will really never stop moving it's head. I had been holding full draw for a while, and finally moved my diaphragm from the corner of my mouth and let out a loud putt. Both Toms shot up their heads almost as if I told them to and I knew this was my chance. I steadied my aim one last time and let it go. It all happened so fast that at first I didn't know that I had hit him. But my buddy in the blind was all smiles and said, "You got him!" After I looked closer, I saw that the head was completely severed and the Tom was left on the ground letting out a few last flaps.
Best turkey broadhead I have ever used
After my experience with the Bullhead, I can honestly say I will never go turkey hunting again without a set of Bullheads. I can trust that when I draw my bow, it is going to hit exactly where I hold. If you plan on taking headshots and are looking for an ethical way to make a quick harvest, the Bullhead is the way to go.
Click this link to purchase: Magnus Bullheads