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Jumping on Furniture  at Cabela's

Jumping on Furniture

Author: Tri-Tronics

Follow the same procedure used to stop digging. The dog should be by himself in an area with "off limits" furniture.

Stop your dog from jumping on the furnature.
Lesson Plan to Stop Jumping on Furniture

Follow the procedure described to stop digging. The moment the dog starts to get up on the furniture, press the stimulation button. If the dog does not respond to the correction, press and release the stimulation button several times. If he is still not responding after repetition, increase the intensity by one level.

Jumping on Furniture - Summary of Steps
  • Use a pre-selected intensity level.
  • Leave the dog in an area with furniture he likes to climb on, and watch him without his knowing.
  • Press the stimulation button the moment the dog starts to get up on the furniture. If he does not respond, press and release it several times.
  • If the dog ignores the correction, increase the intensity by one level.
  • Continue the training process until the dog has gone for three days without trying to get on the furniture.
  • During the training period, do not give the dog a chance to get on the furniture unless you can correct him with the Remote Trainer.

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