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Sims Vibration Labs Rifle Pad Review at Cabela's

Sims Vibration Labs Rifle Pad Review

Author: Mike Schoby

Sims Vibration Labs recoil pads.....making shooting much more comfortable.

Frank Ross testing the Sims Vibration Labs recoil pads.

It seems like every year a new magnum cartridge is unleashed that promises flatter trajectory, more accuracy, greater knock-down power, and more velocity - most of the time these claims are true, but the other side of the coin is a little law old Mr. Newton came up with that essentially says "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". In other words there ain't no free lunch. You want more energy and velocity - be prepared for more recoil - they always go hand in hand.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against flat-shooting, hard-hitting rifles - I own several myself. However, I am against taking as much punishment behind the rifle as the intended target does. Aside from being painful, recoil can be devastating to accuracy, causing a flinch in many shooters that is extremely hard to overcome.

Author Mike Schoby testing Sims recoil pads.

Thankfully there are ways to avoid some of the recoil - namely through a high-quality recoil pad. While rubber recoil pads have been common for generations, it is ironic that it took an archery company to refine them for rifle shooters. Sims Vibration Laboratories, well known for their innovative approach to vibration and noise dampening systems in the archery world, has turned their attention to taming rifle recoil, using their proprietary material - NAVCOM.

Navcom (Noise and Vibration Control Material) is a space age material designed specifically to control vibration and noise. LimbSaver(tm) Recoil Pad uses patented Decay Time Modification engineering to reduce recoil shock and vibration by up to 50% over standard recoil pads. They also incorporate Sims Vibration Laboratory's revolutionary three-step process, scientific recoil-reducing technology that is designed to displace shock on a broadband spectrum (0 to 2500 Hz) ensuring maximum shock relief from recoil and greater protection for the shooter.

Sims LimbSaver™ Recoil Pad

Looking at the charts and reading the technical info is convincing, but not as compelling as the actual punch (or lack thereof) to the shoulder. Recently at an outdoor writers convention I had the opportunity to shoot a selection of identical firearms with and without LimbSaver recoil pads. Forget the Decay Time Modification and the space age material facts - the proof was in the pudding - or in the pounding. Their claims of felt recoil reduction by 50% are underestimates. On the heavily loaded shotguns and magnum rifles I used, it felt like much more then 50%. "It took the hard kick associated with magnum shotguns and large caliber rifles back down to manageable level," says fellow shooter and outdoor writer, Frank Ross, and after I shot the same guns I wholeheartedly agreed. The effects are simply amazing.

Made for Many Applications
Typical of the high-class Sims Vibration Laboratories, their recoil reduction pads are not a one-size-fits-all, shoddily made, aftermarket product. The designers at Sims put some time into covering their bases and the results show.

They have come up with several styles to fit any application. For easy of use, instant application, Sims has the Slip Over recoil pad. For the shooter looking for a quick solution without modifying their gun, Slip Over recoil pads are ideal. Perfect for sighting in, testing guns, or modifying an exiting gun to fit a woman or youth shooter, Sims Slip Over pads are a great place to start. Designed for easy installation, the LimbSaver(tm) Slip Over recoil pads are available in small, medium and large for a perfect fit on virtually any make of firearm.

Sims pads are great tools for teaching novices to shoot well.

Moving up the line to a more permanent solution, The LimbSaver™ Precision-Fit recoil pad fits like a custom installed recoil pad, but is easily installed at home after removal of the existing factory pad. Perfect for do-it-yourself gunsmiths as well as pros, these pads are precisely made to fit a variety of firearms in a clean, custom-fit manner without all the work.

While the Precision-Fit recoil pads are available for a wide variety of firearms, it is impossible to make them fit every gun ever made. For firearms that do not fall under the Precision-Fit mold, the new LimbSaver™ Grind-to-Fit recoil pads are an ideal solution. Designed like a traditional grind-to-fit recoil pad often put on high dollar custom guns, the Sims Grind-to-Fit pads grind down to a perfect fit on any make of shotgun or rifle.

One thing is for sure, no matter how much shooting you do, regardless of caliber; your shoulder will appreciate the reduced recoil that a Sims recoil pad provides. After using it myself, I honestly feel that is quite simply the best recoil pad on the market. With three choices to pick from, there has never been a better time than the present to improve your shooting.

Click this link for more information, or to purchase the Sims LimbSaver™ Recoil Pad.