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Burned Thumb Syndrome  at Cabela's

Burned Thumb Syndrome

Author: Terry LaCoss

One of the first thoughts to pass through any fisherman's mind, unless you are the "Old Man and the Sea," is how to stop the powerful run of a broad shouldered, saltwater game fish.

Terry LaCoss
During the first drag burning run, your first thoughts are how to stop your hooked fish from pulling free. The second step is to apply your bare thumb to the reel spool in order to prevent the getaway!

A split second later, you smell burning flesh and realize that it's not the drag that's burning, it's your own thumb!

Slowing down the run of a big fish with your thumb is hazardous to your hand. However, the thumb does come in handy, after the first initial run has come to a halt. When the fish takes off on a power run, simply remove your thumb from the spool, before you get burned.

If you forget, the boat's first aid kit may soothe that awful burning feeling!

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