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Glue Your Knots

Author: Terry LaCoss

Super glue is a great fix-all where mending fishing tackle on the water is concerned.

Terry LaCoss
I have used super glue in mending a wide variety of broken fishing gear, including rod guides. Many fishermen have found a multitude of uses for super glue and won't leave the dock without it.

Besides repairing broken fishing rods and its many other uses, a drop of super glue on your freshly tied knot will insure that it will not slip, and it increases the breaking strength of your fishing knot as well.

A drop of super glue on your fishing knot will also increase your confidence in landing big fish with light tackle. Having your knot slip, during battle with a broad shouldered game fish, is something every angler needs to guard against. A drop of super glue can lessen this possibility. Don't leave the dock without it!

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