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Deep Baitfish  at Cabela's

Deep Baitfish

Author: Terry LaCoss

When on a blue-water fishing trip to Key West, Florida, our fishing party was faced with jigging up blue runners in one hundred-foot depths. We were also jigging in the Key West shipping channel, where fast running tides also challenged our deep-water jigging tactics.

Terry LaCoss
After several minutes of coming up empty handed, I turned on the bottom lock feature on my Hummingbird "Paramount" fish finder, so that we could better identify these small schools of runners, down near the bottom.

We were forced to upgrade our light bait-catcher outfits with big saltwater, twenty-pound class spinning rods and reels. This was a must for deep-jigging big hard tails that often weigh over two pounds.

We also replaced the 2 oz. Torpedo sinkers that normally attached to our bait catcher rigs. We replaced these with 8 oz. Torpedo shaped sinkers. Now we were able to lower the heavier sinkers into the middle of the small schools of runners, after identifying them with the "Paramount" fish finder. Before, the small schools of runners were moving so fast that the light sinkers were simply missing the target. Beef up your bait-catcher rigs, when jigging in the extreme depths of water and you will surely fill your bait well in a hurry with deep-water baitfish.

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