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Cabela's Backcountry Wading Jacket is

Cabela's Backcountry Wading Jacket is "Uptown"

Author: Frank Ross

When Cabela's designed their new Backcountry wading jacket they set a new standard for comfort, breathability and convenience.

Cabela's Backcountry wading jacket is strictly 'Uptown.'

I love to fish, even in foul weather. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put raingear in the truck when it's obviously going to pour, but sometimes it's the days that look like they are going to be really nice that rise up and bite you. I'm a weather checker, but I've learned over the years that it's mostly a habit that doesn't have much merit. Since predictions are basically an educated wild guess, I try to be prepared for any variation.

For me it's the early morning and late afternoon hours that are the most volatile, when overcast skies can drop temperatures and a misty drizzle chills to the bone, in some regions even in the summer. Even on mild days being waist deep in cool water, with high humidity in the air can cause enough discomfort to make you wish you had a light, warm, dry jacket.

When Cabela's designed their new Backcountry wading jacket they set a new standard for comfort, breathability and convenience. The entire jacket is easily compressed into a stuff pocket and stored for handy access should the weather fail to cooperate. It's so light that you'll hardly notice the weight.

On a recent trip I was fortunate enough to remember to throw it into the back of my Advanced Angler Chest Pack. We were in the water very early, with a heavy fog drifting across the river and it was quite chilly. That day I was the only comfortable angler in our group. Actually, an hour later, I was so intent on fishing that I didn't realize it had warmed up considerably until my buddy asked if I was feeling well.

"Why do you ask," I queried.

"Well, you're wearing a jacket and it's getting pretty warm. Thought you might be sick," he said.

Once he mentioned it, I realized that it was in fact quite warm, but the Backcountry jacket was so breathable that I hadn't felt warm at all. Of course I had my hands in the water releasing more fish than he had, so that could have been a contributing factor.

Cabela's forest green Backcountry wading jacket.

Speaking of releasing fish, the cuffs of the jacket are another great feature. The neoprene fitted cuffs are adjustable with Velcro straps for a custom fit that will accommodate a wide range of wrists. Once you cinch them down you can reach into the water without any concern of water sloshing up your sleeve and getting your shirt wet.

Two big pockets provide lots of waterproof space with Velcro® closures and zippers to make sure you don't lose any valuables when bending over that trophy fish you've just landed.

A handy drawstring gives you the ability to tighten the bottom of the jacket to keep out wind, and it also avoids having fabric get in your way while double hauling long casts. Two D-rings are included, one on each side of the zipper, and are ideally positioned for convenient access to snippers, barb smashers, hemostats, floatant holders or fly driers.

When it starts raining, all you have to do is pull up the hood and keep on fishing. In addition to a drawstring to keep out the wind, the hood is adjustable from the back for an ideal fit. Later, when the sun comes back out, all you have to do is stuff the jacket into its handy pocket comforted by the knowledge that you've fished another day when other anglers were scurrying up the banks.

Cabela's Backcountry wading jacket is available in small to 3XL, and regular or short sizes. The short version is ideal for anglers who like to fish deep water.

Author Frank Ross
Frank Ross grew up on a lake in Florida, where fishing and hunting were second nature. He has pursued his passion from the jungles of South America to the northern reaches of the Arctic Circle and most points in between. With a background in newspapers, the wire services and magazines that began in 1970, Frank brings a unique perspective to his work with Cabela's. He is an award-winning photographer with a flair for getting to the bottom line of every story.

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