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Flashing Game Fish  at Cabela's

Flashing Game Fish

Author: Terry LaCoss

If you've fished tournaments for several years, you've probably spent your share of time fishing from the back of the boat. Here's a couple of tips to increase your chances of success from that position.

Terry LaCoss
The truth is, some saltwater fishermen have found ways to attract more game fish into striking their transom baits. Vicious strikes to these anglers become an everyday occurrence. But more importantly, the size of the fish that attack these transom baits are often the biggest catch of the day.

If you have an outboard powered boat, we often call these baits, "Prop Wash" baits. The baits are literally fished only a few feet in back of the prop wash.

The outboard motor is actually trimmed up until it begins to cavitate. Now you have a combination of flashing blades on the surface with the propeller creating a turbulence on the surface as well.

Skilled fishermen who have learned how to flash fish with their propellers, have also found that bigger baits and lures result in more success while using this deadly trolling tactic.

Fish are more than likely attracted to the turbulence of the propeller during calm seas which are less than two feet. During a rough ocean, strikes will normally come from baits or lures with longer drop back distances. This is because it takes nearby game fish longer to hone in on trolling baits when the seas are rough.

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