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Cabela's RGB Headlamp – A Field-Test Report at Cabela's

Cabela's RGB Headlamp – A Field-Test Report

Author: Sean Sutherland

The four-color RGB Headlamp lets you choose the perfect light color for practically any situation.

Cabela's RGB Headlamp
I took the RGB on a grueling cold-weather mallard hunt deep inside Arkansas' legendary Bayou Meto Wildlife Management Area. It spans well over 30,000 acres, and is the definition of flooded green timber, a thigh-deep flooded forest filled with oak trees and ducks.
The center Cree LED on the RGB shoots a focused white beam on a target. It could be a bit wider, but it performed well enough as we scanned the forest canopy for a "just-right" timber hole to set our spread.
After we put out the decoy spread, it was time to fire up the Coleman stove for a chill-breaking breakfast snack. The red light was surprisingly useful and effective for our predawn breakfast-sandwich warming.
The red light preserves night vision, important for hunters focusing on tasks both near and far. It also prevents the wearer from accidentally "blinding" fellow hunters.
The green light makes an excellent map-reading light and is invisible to most big-game animals. This is an excellent choice for deer hunters on their way to the treestand or ground blind.
The blue/violet light penetrates the night very effectively. It does not have an overriding strength, but it is an excellent all-around light color.
I found the on/off and mode switches on the RGB to be a bit too small to find with gloved fingers, though they worked well once they were located.

The comfortable fit, up/down inclination-angle adjustment and minimal of the RGB are its real strengths. Plus, its super-long AAA battery life (up to 64 hours) gives it the out-of-pack reliability the casual outdoors enthusiast requires. My model held up for three days and nights in subfreezing temperatures without needing a battery change.

While some headlamps may be a better choice for specific tasks, I found the color-versatile RGB to be an excellent all-around choice for fishermen, campers and hunters.

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