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Rage 3-Blade Turkey Broadheads

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Rage 3-Blade Turkey Broadheads

    • Flies like a field tip
    • Internal locking ShockLock system
    • O-ring shock absorber
    • Massive 1-3/4" cutting diameter with blades extended
Expand your kill zone, hit the gobbler’s vital area, and put him down for good. Rear-deploying Rage SlipCam broadheads are guaranteed to deploy upon entry, giving you the full benefit of the head’s massive 1-3/4" cutting diameter. The Rage’s sleek, aerodynamic design makes it fly like a field tip. Upon impact, the SlipCam system initiates and the blades slide back, deploying from the rear. ShockLock™ system employs an O-ring that acts as a small shock absorber from the blades, protecting them if they hit bone. High-speed footage shows that Rage broadheads are fully deployed, even hyper-extended at impact. Traditional over-the-top expandables, on the other hand, deploy as they enter, resulting in a much smaller entry hole. The blades on a Rage cut a wide swath for maximum tissue damage. 100-gr. Extra-long blades with a 1-1/4" blade edge feature a steep angle to minimize pass-throughs and maximize recovery rates. Stainless steel tip, blades and a body machined from aircraft-quality aluminum. Includes a FREE practice head. Made in USA. Per 3.
Cutting diameter: 1-3/4".
Weight: 100 gr.

Text Size: AAA
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