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A-Square Hannibal .470 Capstick

Reference #: 3561811
Glendale, Arizona
(623) 872-6717
(623) 872-6745

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Description: A-Square Hannibal .470 Capstick.  This gun is in very nice shape except for some scratches on the barrel in front of the stock and on the left side of the fore end.  It holds 5 rounds of ammo (4+1) in a welded magazine box with a bedded floor plate and trigger guard, and hardened guard screws.  The scope bases and bolt handle are designed to allow increased eye relief and clearance for the hand while operating the bolt.  It comes with brass, dies, bullets and loading data.  All the metal parts except the magazine follower and the bolt body are Cerakoted.  This is a smoking deal as the wood in the stock is worth what we are asking for the entire package.  According to Cartridges of the World, this is nearly identical to the Ackley .475 Magnum and the .475 OKH Magnum, with the primary diffenrence being that these two cartridges were designed to use a 600 grain bullet at 2250 fps, and the Capstick is loaded with a 500 grain bullet at 2400 fps. to give a flatter trajectory, although you're not likely to be shooting this at anything over 100 yards.   This exceeds the energy of the .458 Lott and the .470 N.E., while the Ackley loading approaches the .460 Weatherby in power.  The advantage of either lies in the .025" larger hole (8%) over the .458 Diameter bullets.  I reccomend that you contact A-Square about the feasibility of loading a 600 grain bullet in this cartridge before you start experimenting.  This barrel has a 1:10 twist, and the bolt has a long strike for more positive ignition and a stronger spring to maintain lock time.  This gun is a controlled feed gun based on a 1917 Enfield action.  Recoil on this gun should be more smooth due to the straight necked case and the extra wide recoil pad. 

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