Carhartt Field-Testing

Quality assured through Carhartt's Field-Testing Program
A lot of manufacturers claim their clothes are rugged but few prove it like Carhartt.

We operate one of the most rigorous field testing programs in the business - sending our coats, jeans, overalls, shirts and more to working men and women across America.

Day after day, month after month, these workers put our clothes to the test as they haul freight, string high-voltage lines, fell timber, pour foundations, manufacture factory goods, till farmland, and toil in countless other jobs.

What does Carhartt ask in return? Nothing more than an honest opinion. Does our fabric hold up? Do the seams stay intact? Is there enough room in the shoulders or hips or waist? Do the zippers and buttons work? Are the pockets well positioned?

We use worker feedback to improve our current clothing as well as generate ideas for future styles - all to better serve your needs.

Field testing is an extra step to be sure, and one that many clothing manufacturers skimp on or skip altogether. Not Carhartt. It's a prime reason we've been making tough, durable and comfortable clothing ever since 1889.