Testimonial - Cabela's RVG II Stockingfoot Waders

Gary Aiello

"It's not often you come across a value-priced product that surprises you by exceeding all of your expectations. I love these waders. They fit well and are easy to move in but loose enough to be comfortable wading the whole day, waist-deep in the river. Spending some 30 days a year or more on the water I am on my third season with these waders and, so far, they are dry as a bone. Having tumbled into rocks numerous times I am impressed they haven't torn, punctured or leaked at all. The gravel guards stay put and keep my wading boots free of sand and gravel. This is a great buy. They perform and fit better than many waders costing several times more. I don't think you could find a better value anywhere near this price range and would give them top marks. I continue to recommend them to friends."

Gary Aiello,
Satisfied Cabela's Customer