Tech Spec - The Effectiveness of Thermal Zone Body Mapping

New Way To Hunt Logo Thermal Zone combines three weights of Polartec® fabric into one garment. The heaviest-weight fabric is used in core and maximumexposed areas for optimal heat retention. Midweight fabric is employed in less-critical areas that still receive exposure. The lightest-weight fabric is located in high-heat-output areas that are prone to excessive perspiration. Choose between the multiseason versatility of Thermal Zone E.C.W.C.S. with Power Dry or Thermal Zone Stand Hunter with Thermal Pro, our warmest base layer ever.

Polartec Thermal Pro: Extreme-cold comfort

Polartec Power Dry: All-season versatility

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Thermal Zone Polatrec Power Dry Thermal Zone Polatrec Thermal Pro

1. Heavyweight fabric
2. Extra-Heavyweight fabric
3. Extreme-Heavyweight fabric

1. Lightest Tech-Weight fabric
2. Midweight fabric
3. Heaviest Polar-Weight fabric