Tech Spec - Leupold VX-III Riflescope

Technical Specifications for Leupold VX-III Riflescope

Feature / Benefit

  1. Finger-adjustable windage and elevation dials with resettable pointer dials, marking the zero point.
  2. Three illuminated models provide the reticle-to-target contrast you need when hunting in low light.
  3. Fast-focus eyepiece on all models. Models without the illuminated reticle have a lockable, fast-focus eyepiece so you can securely lock the eyepiece once you've set your reticle focus.
  4. Side focus parallax adjustment is standard on most models, so you can easily focus from any shooting position.
  5. All side focus models have 30mm maintube with increased elevation and windage adjustments (up to 80 minutes of range on some models).
  6. Index Matched Lens System™ on VX-III Riflescopes. Leupold users know that for a bright, crisp sight picture with good contast in all light conditions, proper light management and maximum light transmission is absolutely critical. Leupold VX-III riflescopes feature the Index Matched Lens System™, greatly improving upon what was already impeccable light management.

  7. Here's how the Leupold Index Matched Lens System works: Leupold engineers specified very low reflection of light at several key points across the range of colors that the human eye can see. Light that doesn't reflect off the lens surfaces transmits through and contributes to a crisp, true-colored and brilliant image. The light that is transmitted does not bounce around inside the scope, causing glare that can degrade the contrast you want.

    Since dozens of different glass types are available to create a lens system that gives you the optical performance you need, the lens technicians had to pick just the right coating material for each individual lens surface, in order to meet the stringent specifications established by our technical team. They also matched the ideal coating materials to each lens' glass type and layered these different substances to minimize reflections and maximize performance. The result? Some of the new VX-III riflescopes have measured as high as 98 percent TOTAL light transmission, which means you'll get brightness and clarity like you've never seen before.

Boone and Crockett™ Big Game and Varmint Hunter's Reticles:

  1. Make long-range accuracy and range estimating easy to master.
  2. Each reticle features multiple aiming points for long ranges and windy conditions.
  3. Two power selector settings provide an easy way to set the aiming points to match your ballistics.
  4. The Duplex Range Estimating feature is available on select models of VX-III.
  5. Legendary Leupold ruggedness and absolute waterproof and fog proof integrity.
  6. Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee.
  7. Made in the U.S.A.