Tech Spec - Cabela's Heated Performance Gear Powered by Gerbing

About Microwire® Heat Technology

Microwire Logo Originally developed for use by U.S. Special Operations Forces, Gerbing-exclusive Microwire technology has revolutionized heated clothing. The stainless steel wires are incredibly flexible and exceptionally rugged. Also, at just .025" in diameter, Microwire is so thin, you'll never know it's there. Plus, it heats up in just 10% of the time required to heat copper wire.

About the Battery Packs

Gerbing Heat Graphic Patented Microwire® heating technology powered by compact, lightweight 7-volt lithium battery packs surrounds you in an adjustable level of warmth. Each microprocessor-controlled battery pack is rechargeable, so you can head out with confidence knowing you'll enjoy hours of cold-stopping power. Because this technology helps block your body's natural response to cold, it keeps blood flowing to your extremities to ensure hands and feet stay warmer longer.

How it works

Cabela's Heated Performance Gear prevents the body's physiological response of vasoconstriction that occurs when colder temperatures are detected and the nervous system restricts blood flow to the extremities. Our heated products help maintain blood flow and a constant level of thermal comfort.