Tech Spec - Crimson Trace LTG-746

Crimson Trace LTG-746

Fits Models: Weapon-Mounted Tactical Light for Springfield Armory XD and XD(m) Full-Size Pistols

Description: The Crimson Trace® Lightguard® for Springfield XD & XD(m) features a highly compact and slim design specifically for ease of holstering. Its 100 lumen tactical white light seamlessly attaches to your defensive pistol, much like Crimson Trace's Laserguard®. Lightguard also uses the same instinctive activation that Crimson Trace laser sights are famous for. Lightguard removes the need for a flashlight separate from the pistol – giving you a free hand. This low-light tool can be operated by gripping the firearm in a natural firing grip, or with a single hand gripping the pistol.

LTG-746 Technical Specs
Activation Front
Material Polymer
User Adjustable -
Warranty Three Year Full Warranty
Master On/Off Switch Yes
Beam Intensity 100 Lumen LED
Power Source One CR2 Lithium Battery