Tech Spec - Choke Tube Compatability Chart


Confidence in a shotgun/choke/shotshell combination is the biggest factor in improving your hunting success and clay-target scores. Generally, aftermarket choke tubes are made of a harder stainless steel and perform better than standard factory choke tubes. Many of the aftermarket choke tubes deliver outstanding target-, turkey- and wingshooting-specific patterns. Always pattern your choke/shotshell combination before heading to the field or range. Here are a few tips when choosing a new choke tube for your shotgun:

a) Steel shot should not be used in any choke tighter than full.

b) Extended choke tubes pattern tighter and denser at long range over flush-mount choke tubes.

c) Extended turkey choke tubes provide optimum long-range patterns with no. 4, 5 and 6 lead shot. Never shoot steel shot through turkey choke tubes.

Use these general rules for choke distances when shooting lead: Skeet for shots up to 20 yards; Improved Cylinder (IC) up to 25 yards; Modified up to 35 yards; Full up to 45 yards.

When shooting steel use this reference: lead Skeet = steel IC; lead IC = steel Modified; lead Modified = steel Full.

Choke Tube Compatability Chart
Manufacturer Choke System
Beretta/Benelli (Mobile Choke) Beretta, Benelli (Nova, SBE, M1), CZ USA
12ga., Franchi (Current production),
Mossberg Silver Reserve 12ga.,
Stoeger 2000 Semi Auto and P-350 Pump
Benelli Crio Plus Super Black Eagle 2, M-2, Cordoba
Beretta Optima Plus Beretta 391A Extrema and 391 Teknys
Browning Invector, (Winchester,
Weatherby, Mossberg 500)
pre-'93 Browning,
Maverick 88, Smith & Wesson,
Savage and T/C
Browning Invector Plus all post-'93 Browning, Winchester Super X2
and Winchester Supreme-style threads
Remington Rem Choke, Charles Daly Current
Production Pumps, Semi-autos
Tru-Choke Ithaca Model 37 (new style), Stevens,
Savage 411/Bakail/Rem. Spartan