Tech Spec - Cabela's Stand Hunter Extreme Series

Cabela's Stand Hunter Extreme Series

Thinsulate Supreme Insulation

Cabela's Zone Insulation System
Thinsulate™ Supreme Insulation offers a unique blend of warmth and reduced bulk. By varying the weights of it, we created a parka that fits the specific needs of the human body. That's why we guarantee it is the warmest hunting clothing ever developed ñ or your money back!

Cabela's Zone Insulation System

Zone 1 - 150 gram in Sleeves
With a stable, well-insulated core, adding extra insulation throughout the sleeves would just add extra bulk. Therefore, we used 150-gram Thinsulate™ Supreme Insulation to cut down the size and add extra mobility. On top of that, we put in articulated elbows and a low-bulk cuff design.

Zone 2 - 200 gram in Body
The key to keeping your whole body warm is to properly insulate the core of your body. When the torso region is insulated there is greater flow of warm blood to your outer extremities, such as your fingers or toes. Wrapping your body in 200-gram of superior insulating Thinsulate Supreme will keep you warm from head to toe.

Zone 3 - 300 gram in Core
Your core temperature is largely controlled by the spinal column. That's why we've put 300-gram Thinsulate™ Supreme Insulation down the spine and through the kidneys for superior warmth. Proven in tests by the U.S. military, keeping the spine and kidneys warm keeps you more alert, less fatigued and even improves accuracy.

Versatile Muff

Versatile muff
Unzip storage pocket in the back. Pull the muff around to the front and click it to the built-in anchor. It's that easy with the handwarmer muff and back pocket. The muff has 150-gram Thinsulate Insulation with a fleece lining to keep hands warm. When you're done, just store it away for next time.