Tech Spec - Cabelas Platinum ZX

Fish our strongest, lightest rods ever

Cabela's most technologically advanced rods are the industry's first to incorporate revolutionary 3M™ Powerlux™ matrix resin and Fuji's tangle-eliminating K-Series™ guides at a price below $200. Technology this advanced only comes along every few decades. These powerful, tournament-grade rods are up to 30% stronger and 15% lighter compared to our previous XMLTi models without the technology. Elite components include MagTouch® reel seats on the casting models and palm-swell seats with machined aluminum locking nut on spinning rods and high-density EVA grips.

Platinum ZX Construction Graphic
PLATINUM ZX blank construction is made with Powerlux resin matrix

3M™ Powerlux™ Matrix Resin

For years, advancements in rod technology focused on improving the quality of graphite. Everything changed when 3M used nano-sized silica to create its breakthrough new resin. Mixed with our ZX rods' premier blend of high-modulus graphite, the resin's microscopic particles enhance strength, durability and sensitivity while minimizing weight.

Dispersion Graphic
Uniform dispersion between carbon fibers

3M's proprietary process ensures a higher uniform dispersion of nanoparticles around each carbon fiber to increase strength – a vast improvement over conventionalsized fillers.
Fracture Graphic
Higher fracture toughness

Uniformly dispersed nanoparticles in the resin slow crack propagation, resulting in tougher composites.

Fuji® K-Series™ Guides

By fine-tuning nearly every aspect of the design, Fuji created next-generation guides that deliver speed, accuracy and durability. They even eliminate tangles by adjusting the slope of the brace forward and widening the frame. Diamond-polished SiC inserts are among the hardest, smoothest and most durable ever developed.

Deep-pressed design
Deep-pressed design

The ring in K-Series guides slopes forward a few degrees. Together with the sloping bridge, the guides force tangles forward where they literally "fall off" the forward part of the tilted ring.
Wide-bridge frames
Wide-bridge frames

The frame's wider bridge flares beyond the diameter of the ring. If a loop or tangle occurs on the frame, it moves quickly toward the smaller diameter near the ring.