Tech Spec - Why Cabela's Commercial-Grade grinders bring the butcher shop home!

All Cabela's Commercial-Grade Grinders are constructed with the highest quality materials. The necks, augers, blades, plates and trays are all food-grade 304 stainless steel, the same used by professional meat cutters. In fact, our grinders are UL Sanitation Certified for both household and commercial use, so your butcher's grinder might even be a Cabela's Commercial-Grade Grinder. Other professional-quality components include a patented neck that allows you to feed more meat into the grinder, a safety bar over the meat tray opening on the 1hp, 1-1⁄2hp and 1-3⁄4hp models, and an internal safety switch that shuts off the motor if something gets caught in the auger or blade. With five sizes to choose from, there's a Cabela's Commercial-Grade Grinder that meets your needs.