Tech Spec - Boat Carpet Replacement

Carpet Replacement is as easy as 1.... 2.... 3.

Carpet Removal
Cutting carpet to size
Applying adhesive

Step 1
Carpet removal: Older carpet is usually simple to remove with just a few hand tools. Clean off any remaining glue and inspect the wood or fiberglass deck for water damage before installing new carpet. While the carpet is removed on older crafts, it is a good idea to check below deck for hidden structural damage and to inspect the condition of the fuel tank

Step 2
Cutting carpet to size: The best way to cut carpet or floor vinyl to size is to use an oversized measurement and cut a piece before applying the glue. Rough-cut a piece of carpet that is larger than the area to be covered. By laying the piece in place, custom cuts for an exact fit can be made using a sharp carpet or utility knife. After the fit is right, remove the carpet and proceed to Step 3

Step 3
Applying adhesive: Simply apply the adhesive to the deck when temperatures are above 65°F and trowel into place with 100% coverage. Allow adhesive to tack properly and set carpet in place. Apply pressure to carpet or use a roller from the center to all edges to remove unwanted air bubbles. Refrain from vacuuming or foot traffic until adhesive has time to properly bond and dry.