Materials - WindStopper and PrimaLoft SPORT


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Nothing robs you of valuable body heat faster than a strong wind. But when you wear garments lined with WindStopper, you neutralize the chilling effects of wind. Gore's revolutionary ultra-light WindStopper membrane is guarantee durable, breathable and will remain completely windproof for the life of the garment.

PrimaLoft SPORT

PrimaLoft® SPORT

High Performance, Loft and Comfort

PrimaLoft® SPORT Core Tech Diagram
  • Thermally Efficient – Wet or Dry!
  • Superior Water Resistance
  • Fast Drying
  • Lightweight and Breathable
  • Compressible
  • Wind Resistant

  • The PrimaLoft® brand is the leader in fiber research and development for high performance insulations. PrimaLoft® Insulation, originally developed for the U.S. Army as a water resistant alternative to down, is globally recognized as the world's best synthetic insulation. PrimaLoft® Insulation products are used in leading outdoor and fashion brands, home furnishings, workwear and military applications where performance and comfort are paramount. PrimaLoft® SPORT is a premium performance insulation engineered for superior warmth, water resistance, loft, softness and compressibility. PrimaLoft® SPORT is a fine fiber, high loft performance insulation that keeps the body warm, dry and comfortable even in extreme conditions.

    CLO Rating
    Dry .79 clo/oz/yd2 Wet .72 clo/oz/yd2

    PrimaLoft® SPORT Thermal Diagram PrimaLoft® SPORT Water Diagram