Materials - Thinsulate Platinum Insulation

Thinsulate™ Platinum Insulation

Thinsulate Platinum

3M™ Thinsulate Platinum Insulation gives you trusted warmth with advanced technical features, such as odor control, exceptional comfort or stretch and recovery properties built in.

3M Thinsulate Platinum Insulation – The Exceptional Comfort tag signifies the presence of a unique formulation that enables 3M Thinsulate™ Insulation to do more: providing a silkier, more luxurious feel…or better drape…or higher loft and more warmth in your garments. A variety of enhanced technologies fall within the "Exceptional Comfort" designation. All are aimed at delivering extreme performance and premium comfort.

  • Hydrophobic fibers
  • Exceptional warmth
  • Effective when damp

Thinsulate™ Platinum Insulation Flex

3M Thinsulate Platinum Insulation – Flex is a unique, elastomeric insulation that performs under extreme conditions of stretching or flexing. It stretches along with your apparel's fabric—a full 40% in all directions—and pulls right back again, without wrinkling.

  • Elastomeric fibers for stretch and recovery
  • Flexible warmth
  • Designed for motion

Thinsulate™ Platinum Insulation X-STATIC®

3M Thinsulate Platinum Insulation – Antimicrobial Odor Control with X-STATIC – The Silver Fiber® is a revolutionary active wear technology. It combines the exceptional warmth and comfort of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation with the odor control of X-STATIC, an advanced textile fiber that has a layer of pure silver permanently bonded to its surface. Silver, well known for its natural antimicrobial properties, has been used widely in industrial and medical applications for many years, and X-STATIC is a leader in bringing this technology to the consumer and apparel markets.

  • Antimicrobial odor protection
  • Exceptional warmth
  • Designed for high performance