Materials - TNF™ HyVent® Technology

HyVent® Technologies

The durable woven outer layer repels wet weather and protects from abrasion, while the inner-layer utilizes a polyurethane coating and micro-pores to channel water vapor to the outer layer. The end result is a exceptional waterproof, breathable technology that stays dry inside and out.
  • Protection in Rain and Snow
  • Repels Wet Weather
  • Redirects Water Vapor

HyVent® Alpha

A fabric used in the Summit Series™ collection, this burly, waterproof fabric utilizes a microporous, hydrophobic lamination technology that retains its capabilities in even the most severe conditions. Its laminate membrane, constructed with nearly half a million holes per square inch, allows perspiration to pass through the jacket before it condenses to liquid, keeping you dry, warm and comfortable.

  • Exceptional Protection in Most Severe Weather Conditions
  • Unique Laminate Construction Keeps You Dry, Warm and Comfortable

HyVent® 2.5L

HyVent 2.5L is combined with a print matrix that acts as a dry-touch, half-layer coating. This half layer adds durability and comfort by physically separating the HyVent polyurethane (PU) coating from the skin and eliminates the need for a liner.

HyVent® 2L

HyVent 2L is the most versatile HyVent fabrication and allows for a wide spectrum of applications and end uses.