Materials - Scent_lok® ClimaFlex™

Ultra-Lightweight Series


By combining the incredibly lightweight, accelerated breathability and increased flexibility of single-layer ClimaFlex™ technology with feather-light outer-layer designs, Scent-Lok® has created the ultimate scent-absorbing clothing for even the warmest conditions. Obsolete are the days of carrying your charcoal impregnated clothing to your final destination to avoid over heating – you asked for scent-reducing clothing that won't slow you down when the temperature rises and Scent-Lok® listened. Now you can cover ground with the necessary intensity to get where other hunters won't go and with the scent absorbing technology to go entail undetected.

Lighter weight: With more powerful, technologically advanced carbon infused in between two layers of fabric, ClimaFlex™ eliminates the extra layers of materials, thus reducing the weight of the garment by as much as 30%. By using more powerful carbon with more odor-catching surface than the traditional charcoal-impregnated fabrics, the odor-control material itself is also lighter.

Twice the scent-control: The improved carbon-impregnation process uses the most powerful scent-trapping materials and infuses them directly into the fabric. This not only reduces weight, but also increases the amount of odor that can be contained by each odor-adsorbing particle. What this means for the hunter is even more scent-blocking ability and longer stretches between reactivation, making it the perfect clothing for those week-long getaways to the deer camp. On top of all this, a special chemical treatment protects the inner and outer layers of fabric from absorbing oils from your skin that can permanently adhere to older charcoal-impregnated fabrics and ruin their effectiveness.

Increased comfort: The new process doesn't just increase scent control and decrease weight. It also uses a micro-quilting process to hold the carbon particles in place, so breathability is not hindered and adsorption is improved. Add to this the introduction of a new patented treatment to make the material wick moisture away from the skin, and you have one of the most comfortable, all weather scent-fighting hunting garments.