Materials - Polartec® 200



About Polartec®

For warmth without weight or bulk, no other synthetic fleece can compare to Polartec. The secret to this world-renowned fabric lies in Malden Mills' exclusive finishing process that eliminates "pilling." Fleece fabrics that pill not only look worse for wear, they also lose their ability to trap warmth. Unlike cheaper fleece imitations, Polartec fleece is made using only the best yarn so you can be confident your garment will provide long-lasting warmth and performance through countless wash and wear cycles. Because the fabric is breathable, body moisture passes through to keep you dry and warm, even when your activities heat up. Air pockets on both sides of the fabric trap body heat which creates a thermal layer other fabrics can't match.

Polartec® 200

The middle weight and most versatile of all Polartec fleece. When worn as a middle or outer layer, Polartec 200 delivers outstanding warmth for a broad range of cold-weather activities.