Materials - Cabela's Microtex® Series and Scent-Lok

Cabela's Microtex® Series

By Adam Bender
Microtex Graphic
Randy Ulmer

In the outdoor world, many people live by the rule of "use what the pros use." The reputations of these professionals are always on the line and they're constantly looking for new and innovative products. These products must perform flawlessly because pros rely on them in order to be successful in the field. That's exactly why more and more professional hunters, outdoor personalities and weekend warriors alike wear Microtex.

This revolutionary, Cabela's-exclusive fabric has the durability to go anywhere with the softness to get you there in silence.

Its absolute all-temperature softness and silence doesn't sacrifice tough-as-nails dependability. It's as quiet as fleece, yet has the strength and durability of denim. The key to the unmatched strength and silence of the combed polyester material is its low-nap, incredibly tight, micro-weave construction. It also dries quickly and is fade-, shrink- and pill-resistant. Virtually no other fabric remains as quiet while withstanding the punishment of a season's worth of contact with heavy brush, wire fences and other in-the-field obstacles.



A sponge absorbs water - that is, the entire sponge soaks in and retains the water. Conversely, adsorption, which is what takes place with activated charcoal in Scent-Lok®, is the capturing of matter by the surface of a solid. The surface of activated charcoal is an extensive labyrinth of different size pores, nooks and crannies that trap and hold gases, vapors and dissolved matter (all forms of human scent). Activation (or technically, reactivation) is the process of heating this surface to high temperatures. This releases the trapped scent molecules and reopens the pores, nooks and crannies for future scent adsorption.

Scent-Lok® has the optimal amount of carbon particles. Buy a product with too little carbon and the deer will smell you. Buy a product with too much carbon and you needlessly sacrifice breathability, comfort, weight and softness. We call this delicate balance The Product Function Factor and have created a minimum adsorptive standard to measure all scent control products by.

We've extensively tested our Scent-Lok® products at the very best research facilities around the world. We tested actual human scent under actual field conditions. The result is a technology and a line of products that are the standard by which all others are judged - and which keep getting better!

Activated carbon is the most effective odor-reducing substance known to man; and the best carbon comes from coconut shells. Coconut shell carbon has the largest internal surface area of any carbon on earth, so it ultimately captures the broadest range of scent molecules - and that's why we use it.