Materials - Kangaroo Leather and Thinsulate™ - Footwear

Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo Leather

Upland game hunting can keep you on your feet all day long through some rugged country. Nothing is more important than a pair of boots that are lightweight and extremely durable. Derived from wild, non-endangered Australian kangaroos, this Kangaroo Leather is super lightweight and 62% stronger than cowhide of equal thickness.


Thinsulate Footwear

What makes Thinsulate insulation so important to a cold-weather boot? Three words: thin, warm, light. Thinness, of course, is crucial in a boot insulation. There is simply no room for anything bulky. The same goes for warmth. Feet, being furthest from your body's center of heat, need insulation more than any other part of your body. With nearly twice the warmth of foam, felt or pile, Thinsulate insulation is just what feet need to stay warm and comfortable. Which brings up the third big benefit of Thinsulate insulation: It doesn't bog boots down with weight. In fact, it's one of the lightest synthetic insulations on the market.