Materials - Gore-Tex®, MT050® and Thinsulate

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GORE-TEX Graphic

GORE-TEX® fabric forever changed the standard for high-performance outerwear when it was introduced in 1978. Today, GORE-TEX fabric is known worldwide for extreme wet-weather protection that keeps you dry and comfortable from head to toe. Outerwear and footwear constructed using GORE-TEX fabric and technology is rigorously tested to ensure it is waterproof to keep you dry, windproof to keep you warm and breathable to keep you comfortable – all day long.



We guarantee you've never worn anything quite like MT050®. In fact, we invite you to compare it to any other fabric on the market-we're sure you'll find there really is no comparison. Other manufactures may make the claim that their product is both soft and quiet and they might be right. But the difference is in MT050®'s low-nap, micro-warp finish. As quiet as fleece and as soft and durable as suede, this super-silent outer layer is guaranteed against pilling and will not collect burrs, seeds and other vegetation. Plus it retains its supple feel at temperatures well below zero, making it ideal for late-season wear. Manufactured using all-new GORE-TEX® laminate, it is completely waterproof and breathable, fully compressible and, most importantly, tough enough to stand up to the most punishing treatment. To ensure the color stays as sharp as the day you bought it, we use a fade-resistant dying process that will stand up to hundreds of washings.



There is a reason why original Thinsulate™ insulation is Cabela's No. 1-selling insulation: Warmth without weight or bulk. Thinsulate™ insulation is 1-1/2 to two times warmer than down and other polyester insulations when equal thicknesses are compared. Add in softness, extreme flexibility, and breathability for even greater comfort and you wind up with the premier insulating medium for outdoor sporting wear. Unlike other insulation materials that lose heat-retaining efficiency when wet, Thinsulate™ insulation absorbs less than 1% of its weight in water which means that heat is retained even under soggy conditions. Since its introduction, Thinsulate™ insulation has been effectively used in every sort of outdoor clothing.

The fibers of Thinsulate™ Insulation are exceedingly fine, making them ideal for trapping insulating air and reflecting back the body's radiant heat. Thinsulate fibers
The fibers in 6-denier polyester are much thicker and not nearly as effective at trapping air or reflecting back body heat. 6 denier fibers
Thinsulate graphic