Materials - Gore-Tex®, MT050®, Scent-Lok® and Thinsulate Platinum Insulation


GORE-TEX Graphic

GORE-TEX fabric forever changed the standard for high-performance outerwear when it was introduced in 1978. Today, GORE-TEX fabric is known worldwide for extreme wet-weather protection that keeps you dry and comfortable from head to toe. Outerwear and footwear constructed using GORE-TEX fabric and technology is rigorously tested to ensure it is waterproof to keep you dry, windproof to keep you warm and breathable to keep you comfortable – all day long.



We guarantee you've never worn anything quite like MT050. In fact, we invite you to compare it to any other fabric on the market-we're sure you'll find there really is no comparison. Other manufactures may make the claim that their product is both soft and quiet and they might be right. But the difference is in MT050's low-nap, micro-warp finish. As quiet as fleece and as soft and durable as suede, this super-silent outer layer is guaranteed against pilling and will not collect burrs, seeds and other vegetation. Plus it retains its supple feel at temperatures well below zero, making it ideal for late-season wear. Manufactured using all-new GORE-TEX laminate, it is completely waterproof and breathable, fully compressible and, most importantly, tough enough to stand up to the most punishing treatment. To ensure the color stays as sharp as the day you bought it, we use a fade-resistant dying process that will stand up to hundreds of washings.



A sponge absorbs water - that is, the entire sponge soaks in and retains the water. Conversely, adsorption, which is what takes place with activated charcoal in Scent-Lok, is the capturing of matter by the surface of a solid. The surface of activated charcoal is an extensive labyrinth of different size pores, nooks and crannies that trap and hold gases, vapors and dissolved matter (all forms of human scent). Activation (or technically, reactivation) is the process of heating this surface to high temperatures. This releases the trapped scent molecules and reopens the pores, nooks and crannies for future scent adsorption.

Scent-Lok has the optimal amount of carbon particles. Buy a product with too little carbon and the deer will smell you. Buy a product with too much carbon and you needlessly sacrifice breathability, comfort, weight and softness. We call this delicate balance The Product Function Factor and have created a minimum adsorptive standard to measure all scent control products by.

We've extensively tested our Scent-Lok products at the very best research facilities around the world. We tested actual human scent under actual field conditions. The result is a technology and a line of products that are the standard by which all others are judged - and which keep getting better!

Activated carbon is the most effective odor-reducing substance known to man; and the best carbon comes from coconut shells. Coconut shell carbon has the largest internal surface area of any carbon on earth, so it ultimately captures the broadest range of scent molecules - and that's why we use it.

Thinsulate™ Platinum Insulation

Thinsulate Platinum

3M™ Thinsulate Platinum Insulation gives you trusted warmth with advanced technical features, such as odor control, exceptional comfort or stretch and recovery properties built in.

3M Thinsulate Platinum Insulation – The Exceptional Comfort tag signifies the presence of a unique formulation that enables 3M Thinsulate™ Insulation to do more: providing a silkier, more luxurious feel…or better drape…or higher loft and more warmth in your garments. A variety of enhanced technologies fall within the "Exceptional Comfort" designation. All are aimed at delivering extreme performance and premium comfort.

  • Hydrophobic fibers
  • Exceptional warmth
  • Effective when damp

Thinsulate™ Platinum Insulation Flex

3M Thinsulate Platinum Insulation – Flex is a unique, elastomeric insulation that performs under extreme conditions of stretching or flexing. It stretches along with your apparel's fabric—a full 40% in all directions—and pulls right back again, without wrinkling.

  • Elastomeric fibers for stretch and recovery
  • Flexible warmth
  • Designed for motion

Thinsulate™ Platinum Insulation X-STATIC®

3M Thinsulate Platinum Insulation – Antimicrobial Odor Control with X-STATIC – The Silver Fiber® is a revolutionary active wear technology. It combines the exceptional warmth and comfort of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation with the odor control of X-STATIC, an advanced textile fiber that has a layer of pure silver permanently bonded to its surface. Silver, well known for its natural antimicrobial properties, has been used widely in industrial and medical applications for many years, and X-STATIC is a leader in bringing this technology to the consumer and apparel markets.

  • Antimicrobial odor protection
  • Exceptional warmth
  • Designed for high performance