Materials - GORE-TEX® and Codura® - Footwear


GORE-TEX Graphic

GORE-TEX® fabric forever changed the standard for high-performance outerwear when it was introduced in 1978. Today, GORE-TEX fabric is known worldwide for extreme wet-weather protection that keeps you dry and comfortable from head to toe. Outerwear and footwear constructed using GORE-TEX fabric and technology is rigorously tested to ensure it is waterproof to keep you dry, windproof to keep you warm and breathable to keep you comfortable – all day long.



Having a boot that is both durable and lightweight is essential to any serious outdoorsman. Cordura nylon fits into both categories. Cordura withstands the abuse, wear and tear associated with being in the field, but also is lighter and more comfortable than other material. Along with being durable and lightweight, Cordura also allows your feet to breathe, keeping them comfortable all day long.