Materials - Dry-Plus® Spectrum™ with Ultra Fabric

Dry-Plus® Spectrum™ with Ultra Fabric

Dry-Plus® Spectrum™

Through revolutionary advances in materials design, our new Dry-Plus® Spectrum™ laminate raises the bar in breathable rainwear technology. This unique membrane provides incredible waterproof performance while remaining extremely lightweight and providing optimum flexibility in hot weather as well as sub-zero temperatures. And because staying dry is not just a matter of keeping water out, this amazing laminate boasts even more breathability than original Dry-Plus®. As your body heat rises, the pores within the membrane actually adjust to match the temperature, making it even more breathable without adversely affecting its waterproof performance.


Ultra Fabric is a technically advanced 2 1/2-layer fabric that allows us to construct the lightest, most compressible and breathable rainwear we offer in our Dry-Plus line. This innovative material consists of Layer 1 high-performance nylon facing, Layer 2 laminated with our revolutionary Dry-Plus Spectrum and backed by a Layer .5 next-to-skin channel-wicking layer to reduce condensation and promote breathability. This combination of waterproofness and breathability keeps you dry from the inside as well as the outside.