Materials - Cabela's Outfitter Loft™ Insulation

Cabela's Outfitter Loft™ is a synthetic insulation that features a high loft, a superb weight-to-warmth ratio, considerable compressibility and a softness the body can sink into. Unlike down, it dries quickly and maintains its warmth if it gets wet.

Compared to other types of synthetic insulation, Cabela's Outfitter Loft™ is 20% warmer than other brands of equal weights. How do we know? We do the same battery of tests as the competition – plus, we go the extra mile with even more testing to ensure our loyal customers stay warm under the stars. That includes real-life field-testing by employees.

During our extensive tests in the lab and field, we've found that Outfitter Loft™ has a higher hollow rating than other brands. A larger hollowed area in each fiber means there's more space to retain heat. And the more heat that's retained, the warmer the sleeping bag is. Also, Outfitter Loft™ insulation is a continuous filament fiber (long, unbroken strands) opposed to a staple-cut (shorter pieces) insulation, so there's less drafting. And the insulation stays evenly dispersed from head to toe.

If you want reliable, toasty warmth from the inside out, look no further than the heat-retention powers of Cabela's Outfitter Loft™ insulated sleeping