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650 Goose Down

650 Goose Down

Feel the fill power of Cabela's 650 Goose Down

Cabela's offers only the best down outerwear to our customers, and 650 Goose Down is the best of the best. Some down garments on the market use duck down, but goose down is superior because it has a much higher loft and fill power, ensuring superior insulating properties and a swift return to original volume after compression during shipping or storage. Our 650 fill power means the insulator has greater loft, resulting in more tiny air spaces between you and cold air outside. These spaces enhance your body heat retention properties while limiting the ability of cold air to penetrate. The end result is a garment that uses less down, weighs less, keeps you warmer, and keeps performing over time. Our 650 Goose Down is the best you can buy.

Goose Down

What is 650 Goose Down fill power?

To measure down's fill power or "loft", 1 oz. of down is placed in a clear plastic cylinder. A weighted piston a fraction smaller than the inside diameter of the cylinder is allowed to settle upon the down. The settling point measures the down's loft in cubic centimeters. The higher the loft the more "dead" air the down will trap to keep you warm. Cabela's Premium Goose Down will loft to 650 fill power making it some of the highest-grade down available.