Bed Sheets Buyer's Guide at Cabela's

Bed Sheets Buyer's Guide

Author: Cabela's Staff

Here are some key considerations to focus on when comparing bed sheets:

Premium 400-Thread-Count Sateen Sheets

Thread count

If you want smooth, skin-pleasing sheets, look for a high thread count. The higher the number of threads, the smoother and denser the sheets will feel. Thread count is based on the number of horizontal and vertical threads woven into one square inch of fabric. Keep in mind, thread count is a good indicator of a sheet’s quality, but it is not the only one. The type of fabric and weave also are important factors to consider. The thread counts on Cabela’s selection of sheets ranges from 180 to 400.


The technique of twisting strands of yarn together into a single thread is called plying. The number of yarns wrapped together into a single thread determines the ply of a fabric. The plying process directly influences the softness and durability of bed sheets. The lower the ply, the finer the thread; the higher the ply, the thicker the thread. Finer thread allows for a higher thread count and a softer fabric with an elegant drape. Thicker yarn creates a more durable, yet stiffer fabric. The two most common ply types used in bed sheets are single-ply and two-ply. Single-ply sheets are lighter, softer and smoother. Two-ply sheets trade softness for their heavier weight construction.
Premium 400-Thread-Count Sateen Sheets


Sateen is a popular weave known for its softness and smooth, high-sheen finish. The weave places more threads on the surface of the fabric giving it a luxurious, next-to-the-skin feel. Sateen and satin are similar in name and weaving styles. The difference is that sateen is woven of short staple fibers like cotton. Satin uses filament fibers such as silk, nylon or polyester.

Pocket Depth

Be sure to measure your mattress to ensure your new set of sheets will properly fit. If the sheets are too small they will not stay tucked in place. Add 2"-3" to the overall size to allow plenty of room to tuck the corner underneath the mattress.
Grand River Lodge Pine Cone Hem Sheets


These are the seven most common bed styles and standard sizes of each:

Crib (Baby bed) - 28" x 52"

Twin (Single) - 39" x 75"

Twin X-Long (Extra-Long Single) - 39" x 80"

Full - 54" x 75"

Queen - 60" x 80"

King (Standard King) - 76"-78" x 80"

California King (Western King) - 72" x 84"

What makes Cabela’s sheets better?

All Cabela’s sheets are crafted of single-ply fabric ensuring unrivaled softness. The 400-thread-count cotton sateen used in our Grand River Lodge sheets is one of the best examples of our commitment to quality. Our goal is to offer luxury bedding at affordable prices so you can rest easy at night.
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