Rapala's Minnow Rap® another deadly weapon in your wiper arsenal at Cabela's

Rapala's Minnow Rap® another deadly weapon in your wiper arsenal

Author: Sam Grothe

I like tossing spinnerbaits and shad hardbaits in wiper prone waters, but when I came across the new Rapala® Minnow Rap® selection at Cabela's they looked so real I knew I had to try one out.

rapala minnow rap
I took my new 3-1/2", 5/16-oz. Hot Steel lure to the lake with a couple buddies one mid-June morning. When we got there, the water was perfectly still. I'd been hearing this fishery still needed to warm up a bit from the 50° it's been holding at, and that there hasn't been much biting yet this year. So, I held off on the Rapala and instead worked some spinnerbaits along the dam, while the water was still calm. After a couple of disappointing laps along the dam, our crew headed out to deeper water and then on toward cover that's known to be productive for wipers.

I tied on a Fire Tiger-colored Rapala Shad Rap® on one rod and the Minnow Rap on my Ugly Stick. I was sitting at the front of the boat, so I let out about 30 yards. We were trolling around the point of this cover because we kept getting bites.

I eventually hooked up on a little fighter and brought it in. The fish was a decent 10" wiper, definitely not a legal keeper though. But it put up a nice fight. Guess which lure this little guy liked the best – out of all the ones we had in the water? Yep, that's right, it took the Minnow Rap.

I'm pretty sold on the classic-styled Minnow Rap model with VMC black nickel hooks. There's also a bleeding pattern that has red gills and lips for a wounded-minnow look. The balsa wood construction makes this a bouyant lure that won't dive too far down. The Minnow Rap comes in three different sizes and weights, including 2-3/4", 3/16-oz, with two No. 5 treble hooks; 3-1/2", 5/16-oz with two No. 3 treble hooks and 4-3/8", 3/8-oz with two No. 3 treble hooks.
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