Cabela's Deluxe Tent Cot - a Field Test Review  at Cabela's

Cabela's Deluxe Tent Cot - a Field Test Review

Author: Frank Ross

Sleeping outdoors is always a challenge, and it's not the sleeping part that I have a problem with. When the sun goes down after a hard day in the field I'm lucky to see the campfire before my eyelids lock down. No, it's the gear that's most challenging to me. Deciding what to take and then making sure it's in the truck is the first obstacle.

Assembly is made easy with a fold-out design.
Now that Cabela's has come out with the Deluxe Tent Cot, I'm well on my way to consolidating my list. This remarkable unit is a tent attached to a cot, designed with some pretty cool features, not the least of which is a good night's sleep.

When I field tested this unit I was really expecting at least some assembly, but was pleasantly surprised with a fold-out design that sets up as fast as you can flop the sections open. It comes in a protective carrying case that is secured with one full-length zipper. Frankly, it's not lightweight for carrying; but considering the weight it's engineered to hold it's pretty reasonable, just not for backpacking. The single version, which weighs 39 pounds, has a 300-pound capacity, while the double (56 pounds) supports 450 pounds.

Once you fold out the cot, lock the legs in place and attach the hook and loop supports on each end, all that is left to do is secure the rain fly with a patent-pending rain-gutter system that channels water off and away from zippers and seams. The fly has fully taped seams and is made of 75-denier, 190T polyester taffeta with a 1,500mm water-proof-rated coating that will keep you dry in anything short of rising floodwaters.

I found the cot to be firm but comfortable, very easy to set up and a big time saver.
Other unique features of the fly include a crack-resistant skylight so you can watch the stars at night, and the zippered fly door converts into an awning with the two provided poles. Both the windows and dual-track doors have No-See-Um mesh so you won't have to deal with buzzing and biting pests once you batten down the hatches.

The double model has one end door, two side doors and one window. Both side doors on the double model create awnings. On the single model there's one end door, one side door and two windows. Heavy-duty zippers have reflective pulls to make them easier to find in the dark.

Inside, you'll find cup holders, for that last sip before lights out and an organizer panel to store essential items such as a flashlight or personal items you want to have at your fingertips.

Level ground, rocks and wet ground are no longer an issue. When you go to pack up, you no longer have to worry with drying the bottom of a tent. Just fold the tent cot up, put it in the provided storage bag, and you're ready to go.

I found the cot to be firm but comfortable, very easy to set up and a big time saver. In just a few minutes you can have your sleeping accommodations set up and be sawing logs quicker than you can say Rip Van Winkle.

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