Cabela's XWT tent at Cabela's

Cabela's XWT tent

Author: Mark Nelsen

This Field-Test Report is courtesy of Cabela's Outfitter Journal magazine.

Drying clothes over the fire was a daily chore on this Alaskan caribou hunt as wet weather was a constant companion. But in camp, the entire hunting party stayed dry and protected thanks to XWT tents.
I hate wimpy tents. The kind the shake, rattle and buckle when weather gets tough and winds blow a gale. When I'm camping, almost always in conjunction with a hunting or fishing trip, I don't have time to deal with tent issues. So I was especially glad to see the outfitter for my Alaskan do-it-yourself caribou hunt using Cabela's XWT tents for all his clients. Spending a week in late September some 80 miles above the Arctic Circle on the tundra, exposed to incredible weather variables, is not something anyone wants to do in a wimpy tent.

XWT (Xtreme Weather Tent), is not a moniker Cabela's used lightly when naming this home away from home. I used the XWT on a few elk hunts prior to the Alaskan adventure. It earned my respect by standing up to high winds, rain, hail, severe thunderstorms and heavy snowfall.

The secret to the XWT's strength is the Bipod Corner frame that delivers the kind of structural integrity needed to stand up to high winds and snow loads. In the western Arctic, winds of 75 mph and higher are not uncommon, and during our adventure the XWTs performed flawlessly. The frame, tent and fly are all "overbuilt" and reinforced in the right places to perform best when Mother Nature serves up her worst.

If your camping trips and outdoor adventures pit you against the elements, be prepared in a Cabela's XWT series tent. Whether you're camping high above the Arctic Circle, on a wind-swept plain, or even in your own backyard, you'll get a good night's sleep knowing you didn't set up camp with a wimpy tent.

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