Cabela's Hunt Tech Clothing Series at Cabela's

Cabela's Hunt Tech Clothing Series

Author: Wes Wiedmaier

Turkey hunting, check. Elk, check. Early teal, check. Deer, check. Any scenario where you'll be hunting in 50°+ temperatures is an opportunity to keep your cool in Cabela's high-performance Hunt Tech apparel.

Cabela¿s Hunt Tech Clothing Series
Hunt Tech camo clothing is exceptional at keeping you cool on warm days. They are key to versatile, quick-change adaptation in the field as temperatures rise. When you wake up early and head out into the field before sunrise, you have to be prepared to dress warm and shed layers as necessary during the day. For these reasons, the Hunt Tech garments are at the center of my layering system anytime I expect to hunt in 45°+ temperatures.
An unseasonably mild, late November cow elk hunt in northern New Mexico proved to be another field-test scenario for the versatile Hunt Tech clothing. During this time of year, the locals expect to measure snow in terms of feet, not inches. When we went, there was no snow to be found, even at the highest peaks. The mornings started out in the twenties and quickly warmed up into the 50s and 60s — similar to the conditions early-season elk hunters face during the peak of the rut. My layering system on these days included a lightweight base-layer top and a long-sleeve Hunt Tech henley and pants. During the morning hunt I began with a Cabela's Dimension Fleece pullover and quickly shed it when the sun started doing its job.

Cabela¿s Hunt Tech Clothing Series
These garments really go to work for you on days above 70°. Wear them on a hot day and you'll begin to appreciate why the product specialists at Cabela's used the same technology as is used in competitive running apparel. The fabric is meant to catch a breeze and maximize its cooling benefits.
When you're active on a hot day, you will start to sweat. It's a fact of life. What the Hunt Tech fabric will do for you, that no ordinary cotton fabric can do, is wick moisture away from your body and dry quicker. Cotton is comfortable, but its fatal flaw is that it takes longer to dry when wet. The Hunt Tech fibers also are impregnated with antimicrobial properties to eliminate bacteria that cause odors. This is just another warm-weather advantage that hunters should not overlook.
The Hunt Tech fabric is as soft, quiet and comfortable as any you will find. The softness and breathability is a godsend on a hot day. The quietness will keep you deadly during a stalk.

Cabela¿s Hunt Tech Clothing Series
On that same point, here's some advice for anyone going on their first guided hunt. Don't even think about wearing anything that makes noise. Professional guides would rather you go out in only your underwear, than take you out wearing something that would spook an elk from 5,500 yards away. It has happened to someone I know. On the first morning of the hunt he was dressed and loading his equipment into the guide's truck. With every step he sounded like a big oak tree blowing in a 30-mph gust. Needless to say, the guide didn't let him get in the truck until he put on a pair of quieter pants. Guess what, if such an incident happens on the first day of the hunt, the guide will still be giving you heck about it on the last day of the hunt.
Very few, if any, garments maximize the effectiveness of a modern high-definition camo pattern like the Hunt Tech fabric. A camo pattern will only look as good as the fabric makes it look. In this way, fabrics are like televisions. The Hunt Tech fabric reminds me of an HD model. What looks all right on an outdated TV, looks amazing on an HD TV. The crisp, rich detail makes these garments blend in with realistic backgrounds better than almost anything else. The high-definition detail of the Hunt Tech fabric is why I often use it as a top layer in my layering system during moderately cold conditions.

Rarely can you say that every hunter could benefit from using a particular product. This is one of those occasions. Every warm-weather hunting scenario is covered by the Hunt Tech series and its variety of camo patterns. From spring turkey to rifle deer and everything in between, Hunt Tech is an all-around winner.

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