Are You Hearing All That's Happening in the Woods—Walker's Game Ear at Cabela's

Are You Hearing All That's Happening in the Woods—Walker's Game Ear

Author: Mike Schoby

Walker's Game Ear is a small electronic hearing amplification unit that wraps around the back of your ear like a conventional hearing aid with a small-attached earplug that inserts into your ear canal.

This turkey fell for the Walker's Game Ear
So you liked rock concerts as a teenager, or maybe you spent a lot of time at the local gun club or you are simply getting older. It is a good bet your hearing isn't what it once was. Even if your hearing is perfect, wouldn't it be nice to have the hearing of the game you pursue? Now you can, with the Walker's Game Ear.

Walker's Game Ear is a small electronic hearing amplification unit that wraps around the back of your ear like a conventional hearing aid with a small-attached earplug that inserts into your ear canal.

On a turkey hunt two years ago, I had the opportunity to see the Walkers Game Ear perform first hand. We were sitting on top of a pine-covered ridge in Washington State, as the sun broke over the eastern horizon. My partner had just sounded off with an owl hoot. For a second there was nothing, and then he pointed towards a distant peak and said, "You hear that?" Actually I hadn't. He was 20 years my senior and had worse hearing than I did, but with the addition of his Walkers Game Ear, he heard a bird gobble off in the distance.

We began walking in the direction of where he heard the bird and came to a perfect set-up with a steep hillside dropping down to where he thought the bird was. We set up our decoys and got into position. My partner let out a soft cluck, followed by a purr and let the woods absorb the noise. Nothing. He repeated the series and waited for a few seconds. Before he could start a third sequence, the bird hammered out a gobble less than 200 yards away. We sat still and let him come in. He gobbled several more times, each time getting closer than the last. At about 100 yards he shut up. A few more seductive puts and purrs yielded nothing.

We sat and waited for what seemed like eternity. My partner whispered, "Here he comes." I thought he had seen him and clicked the safety off my shotgun. I sat with my finger out of the trigger guard, and looked over the rib, scanning the grass with my eyes, not daring to make a move.

After what seemed like eternity, the bird's glowing red head poked over the lip of the ridge, luckily right in line with my gun barrel. I made a small adjustment and squeezed the trigger. With the bird flopping on the ground, I turned to my partner and asked him, "How did you see him so early? He was below that rise."

"I didn't, I heard him coming up the hill" he replied.

With that Walkers Game Ear he could not only hear the, almost sub-audible, spitting and drumming but the scratches the tom's feet were making in the dry leaves.
walker game ear
I thought to myself, how many times would hunters benefit from a little extra hearing ability? Buck grunts, subtle purrs and long distance coyote howls would come to life, helping you locate much more game than you would normally hear.

In addition to increasing the level of sounds for more sensitive hearing, the Game Ear also protects your hearing from loud noises. We all know that gunfire damages your hearing and everyone I know, wears hearing protection religiously while at the range, but these same people never wear hearing protection while afield. It is understandable. In the field, you need to hear approaching game or flushing birds so it is very impractical to wear any form of hearing protection while hunting. However, rest assured, that gunfire in the field is as harmful to your hearing as gunfire at the range. But with the Walkers Game Ear you can hear birds flushing and save your hearing at the same time.

The Walker Game Ear is available in both the original version and the now improved second version. The Original Game Ear amplifies sound by 47 dB but has a built in shut off at 107dB to protect your hearing from gunshots and other load noises. The earplug has a protection rating of 29 to 33 dB so it will protect your hearing.

The Game Ear II has an amplification amount of 48 dB and has Adjustable Frequency Tuning capability that allows you to tune in (or out) certain frequencies. Essentially, you can "zoom in" on the frequency of a gobble while tuning out the background wind noise. This feature also can be fine-tuned to match the specific frequency your own hearing is lacking. It has the same fit and hearing protection qualities as the original.

As much as I like them for simply better hearing, many find them indispensable for returning their hearing to the quality of their youth. According to Wayne Carlton of Carlton Game Calls, the "walker's Game Ear has given back 25 years to my hearing. Now I can hear a deer walking and grunting and turkeys gobbling from a half mile away."
Walker Game Ear
Power Muffs
For those who like the added protection of earmuffs while afield to fully protect your hearing, the Walker's Game Ear Power Muffs are just the answer. They sport 50dB of power, making them the most powerful muffs on the market. They have stereo adjustability for a true "surround" sound, making locating sounds accurate and fast. In addition to the amplification qualities, they also serve as great hearing protection, muffling up to 24 dB of sound. Like the Game Ear II they also have Adjustable Frequency Tuning, which allows certain sounds to be either tuned in or out depending upon the situation.

These muffs are very comfortable to wear and work as well on the range as they do in the field. At the range, it is imperative to wear hearing protection, but it is also extremely important to be able to hear range commands for safety concerns. In addition to the safety factor, going to the range is usually a social affair as well, and there is nothing more frustrating than trying to listen to your buddy tell a story while you have ear muffs on. Either he is yelling to be heard or you have to take off your muffs where invariably some one next to you touches off a large bore magnum with a muzzle break, effectively leaving your ears ringing for the remainder of the day.

Whether your hearing isn't what it used to be or if you simply want an added advantage this season, take a helping hand from science and get a Walkers Game Ear.
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