Leather-Type Buyer's Guide for Gloves at Cabela's

Leather-Type Buyer's Guide for Gloves

Author: Rick Bunkofske

It goes without saying the right gloves make whatever you do more productive, but choosing the right leather is key to making sure the gloves you choose are the right gloves.

So, whether you’re looking for protection, warmth or both, you want your hands to be protected. That’s why Cabela’s offers an array of extremely high-quality leather gloves and you’d be hard pressed to find this quality at a better price.

For increased warmth, we’ve added Thinsulate™ Insulation to select Cabela’s leather gloves and mitts. Thinsulate traps air molecules between you and the outside to keep your hands warmer. Plus, it’s breathable and moisture-resistant. Most of Cabela’s leather gloves are made of deerskin, elk, or buffalo and each offers its own characteristics for the jobs you are doing.

Top-grade deerskin has a 0.8-0.9mm thickness rating. It’s soft, flexible and will always dry soft after being wet. Deerskin is great for light, medium or heavy workloads or activities and is the perfect all-around leather for chore gloves.

Top-grade elk skin has a 1.0-1.3mm thickness rating. It’s more durable than deerskin, yet it’s flexible and dries soft after being wet. This is the perfect all-around glove leather with a little extra hide perfect for light, medium or heavy workloads or activities.

Top-grade buffalo skin has a 1.0-1.2mm thickness rating and is used in our most durable, thickest leather gloves. They dry stiff and eat barbwire for lunch. When you have an extreme job to do, these gloves fit the bill for medium, heavy or extreme workloads and activities.

Other qualities that enhance premium leather
In addition to premium leather, many of our gloves are gunn cut to provide better wear and comfort, especially for heavier gloves. They have single-piece seamless backs and finer seams set farther from the working area of the palm. The two middle fingers are sewn separately onto the palm pieces. They also have double-needle stitching, bound hems, side vents and double-row straight elastic at the wrists.