The CG-15 Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer at Cabela's

The CG-15 Commercial-Grade Vacuum Sealer

Author: Brett Hansen

When you purchase a vacuum sealer, you’re essentially choosing convenience. You no longer need to mess with cutting, wrapping and taping freezer paper, using plastic cling wraps or trying to get the air out freezer bags. What’s more, food stored in a high-quality vacuum-sealed container can be safely stored longer than conventionally wrapped meat. A high-quality vacuum sealer not only protects game an fish from the harmful effects of oxygen and freezer burn, but it will also keep food fresh up to five times longer than traditional storage methods.

Time to rethink your vacuum-sealing strategy

Boasting a stainless steel body and an easy-to-read digital display, it’s undeniable that the CG-15 looks visually impressive, but the generous performance features within truly separate the CG-15 from the competition. To put it simply, the CG-15 Vacuum Sealer is a versatile, high-powered workhorse.

High-powered sealing

The commercial-grade sealer boasts a high-powered, double-piston pump that is capable of drawing an impressive 28-1/2" vacuum with 935 watts of power. Its spacious, 15" sealing bar is the largest in the industry, making the CG-15 capable of any job big or small. Not only does it seal difficult items like soups and large roasts, but it also provides the power to seal and pack away bulky hunting clothes for seasons of odor-free protection. And unlike typical 3mm-wide vacuum-sealing bars, the CG-15 has a 1/4"-wide sealing bar, ensuring the strongest, airtight seals regardless of item shape or size.


The CG-15 completely eliminates trial-and-error sealing with its one-of-a-kind, patent-pending sealing-bar window. Unlike traditional vacuum sealers, the CG-15 lets you see exactly where your bags are place inside the vacuum channel, ensuring airtight seals every time. Plus, the CG-15 has a large digital display with high-tech computerized control functionality, allowing you to monitor vacuum and sealing time accurately. Controls let you choose between automatic or manual seal for that custom touch on difficult or soft foods.

Storage and Cleanup

The CG-15 Vacuum Sealer’s sanitary stainless steel construction provides exceptionally easy cleanup. The built-in integrated cord-storage compartment makes storage a snap.

With so many options for game processing, nothing really compares to the commercial-grade quality like the CG-15. The versatility, high-powered functionality and easy-to-use convenience of the CG-15 will make even your biggest vacuum sealing jobs a breeze.