Learn More About Dry-Plus® at Cabela's

Learn More About Dry-Plus®

Author: Sean Sutherland

In the world of waterproof apparel, there is an affordable, effective option: Cabela’s Dry-Plus®.

Dry-Plus® is a microporous material.Tiny pores (far too small for the eye to see) release water vapor, but will not let water droplets pass through.

These properties make fabrics enhanced withDry-Plus® 100% waterproof and comfortably breathable. The venting action prevents the "clammy" feeling experienced when wearing most nonporous rainwear.

Dry-Plus® is used in Cabela’s fishing and hunting waders, a testament to its durable nature and waterproof reliability.

It is also windproof, adding another level of extreme-weather versatility to jackets, coats, pants and other clothing enhanced with Dry-Plus®.

Cabela’s experts extensively field-test all Dry-Plus® apparel in some of the most extreme conditions imaginable. Try on a jacket or pair of boots with Dry-Plus® technology ñ the apparent breathable comfort will match that of higher-priced alternatives.

We’re confident Dry-Plus® will deliver the waterproof, moisture-venting comfort you’re after in high-performance clothing, waders and footwear. So confident, we back all Dry-Plus® apparel with our Legendary Guarantee!