Cabela's Classic II Shooting Shirt at Cabela's

Cabela's Classic II Shooting Shirt

Author: Wes Wiedmaier

As I’ve learned while hunting alongside a rabid grass-clown-hating buddy of mine, if you want the pheasants you have to put in the miles. I’ve put in my share of miles (especially with my maniacal friend) and so have the clothes I’ve worn while doing it.

Like most guys, I want clothes that last. That’s what I’ve found in these field-rugged shirts. They’ve become my shirts of choice for upland hunting.

If I were to emphasize just one attribute, it would be the heavy-duty cotton construction. The fabric feels substantial enough to take on a barbed-wire fence. I won’t test out this theory on purpose, but I feel safer trusting this shirt would shrug it off better than most.

The shooting patch is more for reinforcement than recoil reduction. It does add enough to take the edge off, while adding another layer of durability.

The series comes in a variety of two-color choices. I selected the tan/blaze orange and tundra/tan colors. When it’s warm out I wear the shirt alone. I add layers over the top as needed when the temperature drops.

Classic good looks and upland-tough durability are top selling points for these shirts. Worn in the field and at the range, they exhibit the quality you want in a shooting shirt that lasts.