Burris Fullfield II Ballistic Plex Review

By: Mike Schoby

Burris raises the bar on scope performance and functionality with their new Fullfield II

Burris riflescopes have long been known by hunters and shooters as fine instruments.

What hunters look for in a scope is really pretty simple. It has to have good light transmission, with a crystal-clear, well-defined image, be rugged enough to withstand years of abuse from both recoil as well as Mother Nature and be available at a price that doesn't postpone next years' hunting trip.

For all these reasons, Burris riflescopes have long been known by hunters and shooters as fine instruments, worthy of attention and for almost 30 years, the Burris Fullfield has represented the perfect combination of optical clarity, mechanical durability and performance at a price anyone can afford. Recently the time proven Fullfield has gone through some dramatic changes to make it even better. While there are a host of new features in the Fullfield II the most notable are:

New Ballistic Plex Designed for Long Range Shooters
While the overall Fullfield II line of scopes has been drastically improved, possibly one of the most notable changes is in their new Ballistic Plex reticle (which is also available in other Burris scope lines). Designed to simplify long-range shooting, the Ballistic Plex utilizes simple cross marks on the vertical crosshair. While not a new idea, similar types of "hold-over" marks have been used on countless other scopes, but what is unique is that these marks are pre-calibrated for a variety of different calibers. For example - when sighted dead on at 100 yards with a .243 using 100-grain bullets, the cross bars coincide perfectly with 200, 300, 400 and 500 yards. This 100-500 configuration works perfectly for .223, .243, .270, 7mm-08, 7mmMag (175 grain bullet) 30-06 (150 and 165 grain bullet) and .338Mag.

For higher velocity calibers such as .243 WSSM, .25-06, .270 (130 grain bullets), .270 WSM, 7mm Mag (140 grain bullets) 7mm short mag, .300 mag, .300 ultra mag the center cross hair can be sighted in at 200 yards (point of impact will be slightly high at 100 yards) and the holder over points will correspond with 300, 400, 500, and 600 yards.

Obviously, the correlation between holdover point and caliber depends upon the projectiles velocity and ballistic coefficient, but when used with the loads/calibers Burris recommends, the results are very close.

The obvious question is what happens for loads and/or calibers not listed above. Of course not every caliber will line up with the cross marks perfectly. However, with every scope, Burris sends 30 calibration stickers (that can be put on the scope) for easy to remember reference points. For example, a 7mm Rem Mag with 175 grain bullets traveling at 2860 fps sighted dead on at 100 yards, will match up perfectly with the 200 yard cross bar. However for the 300 and 400 yard cross bar the bullet will actually hit an inch higher, at 500 yards the bullet will hit 2 inches higher (see figure). With a little practice and the handy stick on reference chart, knowing where to hold is much more precise than with a standard reticle.

If you handload and already have a pet load worked up that does not correlate with the 30 pre-printed trajectory stickers, it is a simply matter to make your own custom ones either through a ballistic software program or by actual field shooting at the various ranges.

Keep in mind that whether you handload, or shoot factory fodder, never shoot at distances greater than you have practiced at the range. Even though the Burris crossmarks are close, due to elevation changes, quirks of individual rifles or scope mounting height, results may vary. Before heading afield, be sure to test all the distance crossmarks for accuracy, if you particular rifle is slightly off a side note on the sticker in pencil will go along way to honing your long range shooting.

After reviewing the new Burris Ballistic Plex in the field, it is clear that for the money few scopes offer this many features, packed into one rock solid package with a reticle system that any long-range shooter will appreciate.