Tripod Game Hoist Review

By: Dan Carlson

When your big-game animal is on the ground is when the real work begins. Fortunately there are handy, affordable tools that can save you time and effort. The Tripod Game Hoist is one of them.
Sam skinning a deer

When it comes to game hoists there are three basic types. One kind makes use of existing support structures such as thick tree limbs or ceiling joists in a garage or outbuilding. Though effective, this type of hoist requires access to such support structures in order to be used.

Other models fit into a receiver hitch on your vehicle. These are great for loading and unloading game in the back of a vehicle and for skinning or boning animals in the field. They are, however, dependent on the vehicle's suspension for support and sometimes the rear of the vehicle is pulled downward by the weight of the animal, which can limit the height to which it can be raised.

The portable Tripod Game Hoist delivers the advantages of the other main kinds of hoist with none of the possible difficulties. Because it is self-supporting, the tripod design requires no external means of support from trees, structures or vehicles. And because the tripod system is not dependent on a vehicle's struts or shocks to maintain elevation of the animal, it's a rock-solid stable platform for skinning and boning game. You can also set it up, hoist your deer or antelope, back your vehicle up to it and use the hoist to assist in loading and unloading game.
Tripod Game Hoist in use

It took me about five minutes to set up the Tripod Game Hoist in my backyard when I returned from a successful deer hunt. The weight of its combined sections is around 45 lbs. The two sections of each leg went together and locked in place with the integrated spring-loaded retaining button easily. Each complete leg fit into the tripod head and I turned the setup upright without much trouble, though the completely assembled unit was a bit unwieldy and a second person's help could have probably cut setup time by a minute or two.

A gambrel is not included with the hoist, but I already had one that the hoist's hook readily accepted. The Tripod Game Hoist stands 8-ft. tall fully assembled and is designed in such a way as to make full use of its height when lifting game. This was especially handy in that the animal could be lowered to skin and bone hindquarters and then raised to work on the shoulders and neck. Raising and lowering the deer to optimal heights for work was effortless using the supplied crank handle, saving considerable back strain. The hoist is rated to handle up to 500 lbs. and had no problem with a deer that dressed out around 160 lbs.
Deer tripod ratchet

When the skinning and boning was done the unit disassembled into six 4-ft. sections quickly and easily. Completely taken down it can be stored anywhere you have a space approximately 4.5 ft. x 1 ft. and it fits nicely into trucks with short or long beds.

The Tripod Game Hoist can be yours for less than the cost of a couple of trips to a chiropractor if you mess up your back trying to do without one. A well-thought-out design, strength, portability and effectiveness makes the Tripod Game Hoist an exceptional value. For more information, pricing and availability call our customer service number or visit a Cabela's retail store near you.