Avery Layout Blinds--A Waterfowl Necessity

By: Tom Cannon

The "Power Hunter" and the "Finisher" are the perfect blinds to increase your waterfowl bag this season.

When using the Avery Layout Blind scenes like this are common

After a decade of hunting ducks and geese throughout North America, I have finally come across a product that revolutionizes the sport. No more will I have to suffer with a stiff back, due to lying in awkward positions or drag a piece of carpet to a muddy field, only to have the slightest movement spook incoming birds. Finally there is a solution to my problems.

I placed my order for an Avery "Finisher" and a "Power Hunter" blind prior to the season opener. Due to a shipping strike, I didn't receive them until mid-November. The wait was worth it though. Like a child on Christmas, I tore into the boxes not knowing quite what to expect. I got both the "Power Hunter" and the "Finisher" out of their boxes and at first glance, knew that my duck and goose numbers would sky-rocket.

The Avery Power Hunter

The first blind constructed was the "Power Hunter" and it was obviously designed for the hunter on the move. It is compact, lightweight, simple and effective. Avery built the blind with recommendations from former World Goose Calling Champion Kelly Powers, hence the name. The "Power Hunter" mimics Kelly Powers hunting style by allowing hunters to be mobile due to its lightweight design. Waterfowlers can carry the "Power Hunter" (which weighs only nine pounds), a stack of silhouette decoys and shotguns through marshes or cornfields without the prerequisite mule. Additionally, the "Power Hunter" folds up into a manageable package and comes complete with shoulder straps for easy backpacking into your favorite field.

Construction consists of a cordura-type exterior fabric in Mossy Oak's Shadowgrass camo pattern. Shadowgrass by itself is an effective concealer, yet Avery has covered this blind with straps, allowing the hunter to add vegetation. These straps crisscross the blind making it easy to add marsh grass, weeds, corn stubble or other cover to help break up the silhouette of the blind.

Hunters lay down in the "Power Hunter" and view incoming birds through a large mesh top, which covers the head region of the blind. This screen is easily flipped back when shots present themselves. Earlier I mentioned the word simplicity. Often I have found simplicity of design to be a key to waterfowl success.

The interior of the "Power Hunter" is likewise simple. The bottom is comprised of water repellent flooring, which keeps hunters dry and comfortable. Additionally, there is a short backrest fitted to an aluminum frame and topped with a padded headrest. This allows hunters to remain comfortable, yet rise easily for shots. The exterior has a seam directly down the middle for easy exit and is held closed by Velcro-like material.

The see through lid of the Power Hunter provides great visiblity

The "Power Hunter" blind is roomy inside and quite comfortable for my six-foot-one-inch frame. The exterior keeps the wind, rain and snow off me, thus actually keeping me warmer. The "Power Hunter" is the lowest profile blind I have seen, making it perfect for hunting in low vegetation or wide-open areas, like pastures or winter wheat. Priced at less than two hundred dollars it's a great buy for the new or experienced waterfowler.

Hunters who like the "Power Hunter" will love the "Finisher" model. Once again, Avery chose to solicit ideas from a renowned goose hunter and caller, Fred Zink. The "Finisher" blind is similar but slightly different from it's little brother the "Power Hunter". First, the "Finisher" has a larger frame, which should easily fit the largest waterfowlers. An aluminum frame creates the support needed to house an adjustable height and backrest system. The exterior is heavy-weight Mossy Oak Shadowgrass camo fabric, which will provide years of dependability. It sets-up and disassembles easily thanks to several "detent" pins.

Like the "Power Hunter", the interior of the "Finisher" is also water-repellent, but it also has a larger adjustable backrest and padded headrest that hunters can adjust for comfort and concealability.

The Finisher is the perfect blind for the serious goose hunter

Fred Zink designed the upper portion of the doors to include a mesh material, which allows good visibility of decoying birds. Avid goose hunters will also appreciate the built-in sleeve, allowing the hunter the opportunity to "flag" while remaining totally concealed. This blind also incorporates straps that allow vegetation to be mounted to the exterior, making it invisible.

The "Finisher" is the top model of Avery's blinds. Its frame and larger size make it more comfortable, but also add to its weight. Although its eighteen-pound weight is no back buster, it does limit mobility. Much like the "Power Hunter", the "Finisher" folds up into a reasonable package and also utilizes straps, which allow for ease of carrying. The best feature in my book is that these blinds fold up so that hunters can easily fit several into the back of a pick-up or SUV, and still have room for other gear and decoys. Most other blinds on the market do not offer this feature.

Now waterfowl hunters have a choice, comfort and concealability or wet and miserable. The use of these Avery blinds will not guarantee success but they will make the hunt more enjoyable and definitely increase your odds of bagging more birds. Take your pick, the lightweight and simplicity of the "Power Hunter" or the king of blinds, the "Finisher". I don't know what I did before these blinds, but I know I won't be without them again!